Best answer: How can you tell if a black Molly is pregnant?

How do you know when a Black Molly is going to give birth?

The Eyes of the Fry and Signs of Impending Birth

To accommodate the developing eggs, the mother’s body expands, becoming deeper and broader. A few days before delivery, she develops a bulge below the gills, her outline becoming fairly square in this region, while the gravid spot has enlarged its area.

How do you take care of baby Molly fish?

The fry should be fed a quality food, such as baby brine shrimp, baby fish food, or quality flake food ground into a fine powder. Feed the fry small amounts several times a day. Maintain good water quality by performing regular water changes.

How long does it take for Molly to give birth?

Only one pregnant female is known to have been caught; she was carrying six unborn young.

Comparison between species.

Species Sailfin molly
(Poecilia latipinna)
Reproduction method Ovoviviparous
Gestation period (Days) 21-28
Number of young (Average) 10-140

How do you tell if your fish is pregnant or just fat?

Carrying Eggs – One reason your fish may appear slightly bigger is because it is carrying eggs. If your fish is a female, is not overly fat, and is normal in most other regards, this is a very high possibility. Another indication is if your fish has an enlarged vent; this is where the eggs will come out.

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Does fish give birth through mouth?

Sometimes the female fish will carry the fertilized eggs in her mouth, or the male and female will trade off, which is called biparental mouthbrooding. Typically fish that are born via mouthbrooding are underweight at first and require recovery time to feed and grow.

What is the price of molly fish?

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Species Mollies
Usage/Application Commercial
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