Is my neon tetra pregnant or fat?

The pregnant female neon tetra will have a rounded belly swollen due to the eggs she carries. As you know, a female neon tetra is already a little fat than that of the male neon tetra. A pregnant female neon tetra has a definite belly shape rounded by a little and with black dots.

What does neon tetra mating look like?

WATCH FOR SPAWNING BEHAVIOR — The male Neon Tetra will ‘court’ the female by swimming around her in a square pattern, using short jerky movements followed by periods of motionlessness. The female is recognizable by her larger belly, which should be full of eggs.

Can neon tetra live without plants?

Well, fortunately for you Neons are able to live in just about anything assuming you have at least 10 gallons and the water quality is fine. I was just trying to recommend having some sort of hiding spot, because of my personal experience with them. They don’t NEED plants, it’s just the ideal environment for them.

How do I know if my tetras are mating?

The Mating Signs

The first thing you may notice is the dance. Your male neon tetra would perform a specific dance in jerking movements and square motion to attract the female neon. This is the best sign that your fish is going to mate. This special dance by the male is to attract the female and celebrate the big event.

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Why is my neon tetra so fat?

If your neon tetra is getting fat without any reason, either it is sick or something is wrong with the water in the aquarium. High levels of nitrate often cause this problem.

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