Does Baby Yoda eat all the eggs in Episode 3?

The Mandalorian: Baby Yoda’s Food Fought Back In Season 2, Episode 3. In Chapter 11, The Child finally got what was coming to him after eating all those eggs. … In fact, Baby Yoda was actually shown playing with the new baby and not eating it. So there’s a happy ending to all of this.

Did Baby Yoda eat all the eggs?

Fortunately, The Mandalorian season 2, episode 3 does a decent job of fixing the problem of Baby Yoda snacking on these unfertilized eggs. … Rather, the Child’s actions were in accordance with the natural order on Frog-Lady’s homeworld, and the only thing that mattered was that he didn’t eat the lot.

Why does Yoda eat the eggs?

To the Frog Lady, these eggs are precious cargo: They are her eggs, the only hope of keeping her species alive, and Mando is tasked with transporting them across the galaxy to ensure the Frog People’s survival. To Baby Yoda, they are tasty treats.

What is Baby Yoda’s real name?

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