Frequent question: Do you have to wear a face mask when delivering a baby during the COVID 19 pandemic?

While we know having a face mask on during labor isn’t ideal, it is extremely important. Every person wearing a mask on both sides – patients, visitors and health care professionals – is meant to protect everyone involved. One patient at The Mother Baby Center was asked how she felt about giving birth during COVID-19.

Can COVID-19 affect a newborn baby?

COVID-19 is uncommon in newborns born to mothers who had COVID-19 during pregnancy. Some newborns have tested positive for COVID-19 shortly after birth. It is unknown if these newborns got the virus before, during, or after birth. Most newborns who tested positive for COVID-19 had mild or no symptoms and recovered.

What are the risks of wearing an extra mask during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Adding an extra layer or mask could block vision. Reduced vision could lead to trips, falls, or other injuries.

Are pregnant women at an increased risk of serious illness from COVID-19?

Pregnant and recently pregnant people are at an increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19—including illness that requires hospitalization, intensive care, or a ventilator or special equipment to breathe, or results in death—compared with nonpregnant people.

Can the Covid vaccine affect fertility?

Evidence shows COVID-19 vaccines are safe for women who are pregnant and don’t cause infertility for women wanting to get pregnant. During the clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccines, the same percentage of women who had been vaccinated as those who received placebos got pregnant after having been vaccinated.

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Are the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines safe for pregnancy?

We now have robust data of nearly 200,000 women from across the US and the UK, who have received the COVID-19 vaccine with no safety concerns. This tells us that both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are safe in pregnancy.

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