How do I transition my baby to a sippy cup?

How do I transition my baby from bottle to sippy cup?

Weaning: The idea is to slowly swap out bottles in favor of cups. For example, you might fill in a cup for the bottle at just one feeding a day, then add a second cup the following week. No matter how slow (or fast) you want to go, Ayoob says you should take away the mid-day bottles first, then the morning one.

When should I introduce a sippy cup to my baby?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, your little one is likely ready for you to begin introducing sippy cups to him or her between 6 – 9 months old.

How many meals should a 6 month old baby have?

From 6–8 months old, she’ll need half a cup of soft food four times a day, plus a healthy snack. From 9–11 months old, she’ll need half a cup of food four to five times a day, plus two healthy snacks.

How much water should a 6 month old drink?

How much water does my baby need? A 6-12 month old baby needs two to eight ounces of water per day on top of the water they get from breast milk/formula. Taking sips from their cups throughout the day will usually get them the water they need.

Which sipper is best for babies?

Here are some of the sippers you would find useful:

  • Philips Avent Classic Soft Spout Cup. Philips Avent Classic Soft Spout cup is probably the best sipper for babies in India. …
  • Chicco 360 Perfect Cup. Chicco 360 flawless cup accompanies no-spill 360-degree lip initiated stream. …
  • Dr. …
  • Beebaby Twin Handle Spout Sipper Cup.
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