How do you fold baby socks?

To fold socks the KonMari way, simply place one sock on top of the other. Once you do that, just fold them in half. Then place them in a divider box that can fit right into your baby’s sock drawer.

How do you organize baby socks?

When clean socks go into the sock drawer, pin them to their mates. Then, instead of having to fold tiny socks together, or search for the matching sock in a drawer full of them, all you have to do is find one! The other one is immediately right there!

How should socks be folded?

First, you lay the socks on top of each other perpendicularly, forming a cross shape. Then, you flip the bottom sock over the top, tucking in the toe. And then the top over the bottom. Lastly, you tuck the tops of the two socks in between the folds, and voilà a perfect square!

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