Is sudocrem safe for newborns?

Can sudocrem be used on newborns? Sudocrem can be used on newborns but if you’re concerned about their sensitive skin, go for Sudocrem Care & Protect.

Can you use Sudocrem on newborn?

Sudocrem Care & Protect gives triple protection against the causes of nappy rash. It’s gentle yet effective and can be used at every nappy change even on newborn babies.

Is Sudocrem toxic for babies?

Contains sodium benzoate which may cause local irritation and may increase jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes) in newborn babies. Interactions: None known. Pregnancy and lactation: There are no known contraindications.

Is Sudocrem safe for babies face?

My baby has sensitive skin – is this product safe to use? Sudocrem Care & Protect is certified as hypoallergenic, however if your baby has sensitive skin it’s always sensible to ask your pharmacist or GP for advice before you use a new product.

Is Sudocrem toxic?

No case of overdose has been reported. If large amounts are swallowed accidentally, this may cause vomiting, diarrhoea, CNS stimulation and convulsions. Symptomatic treatment should be provided.

Should you use nappy cream on newborns?

Avoid bathing your baby more than twice a day. Experts think this may dry out their skin and cause a more severe nappy rash. Using a barrier cream or ointment after each nappy change will reduce the contact that your baby’s skin has with urine and faeces.

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Why is Sudocrem bad for you?

The benzyl alcohol in Sudocrem may be irritating to sensitive skin, especially in people who have rosacea. This means it may make redness and dryness worse.

Is Sudocrem good for bad nappy rash?

If nappy rash does develop, classic Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream has been there for parents for over 85 years to help soothe baby. It’s clinically proven to soothe and treat nappy rash and gets to work fast*. It can be used as often as needed to help ease symptoms of nappy rash.

Is Sudocrem better than Bepanthen?

Adults also testify that it’s equally as effective on chapped hands and elbows. A soft, soothing cream, Bepanthen is also worth considering for the kind of broken skin that zinc oxide-based creams such as Sudocrem or Desitin won’t heal.

How do I use Sudocrem on my baby?

Step 1: Ensure your baby’s bottom is clean and dry. Step 2: With clean and dry hands, place a small amount of Sudocrem on the tip of your finger. Remember a little goes a long way. Step 3: Gently massage Sudocrem into the skin using light, circular movements.

Can you use Sudocrem on dogs?

Sudocrem. This can be used in dogs and cats in small amounts. Sudocrem contains zinc-oxide which is highly toxic to birds. Zinc-oxide is also toxic to dogs and cats if ingested in large quantities, but applying a thin layer of sudocrem to sore or irritated skin is generally safe and can be beneficial.

Can you use Sudocrem on your private parts?

– Pat the genital area dry with a dry towel or allow to ‘air dry’. – Do not use powder, baby wipes, adult bath products or medicines on their genital area. A barrier cream such as Sudocrem can be used if the skin is sore. Do not apply any other types of creams unless advised by your GP.

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