Question: How do I stop my toddler from going in the oven?

How do I get my toddler to stop touching the stove?

How to prevent burns in children. Once your baby is old enough to understand, teach her the word “hot” and explain what it means by pulling your hand away from something hot. Then have your baby touch something warm and say, “hot!” and pull his hand away so that he’ll eventually learn not to touch hot things.

Should toddlers be allowed in the kitchen?

The kitchen is such a dangerous room for young children that some experts recommend they be excluded from it. While he’s with you in the kitchen, sit him in a high chair or playpen so he can watch you and others in the room. … He should be securely strapped in and within your vision.

How do you baby proof a bathroom?

Make sure your child doesn’t find his way into the bathroom unsupervised by installing a hook-and-eye lock high on the outside of the door or by placing a childproof cover over the doorknob. Remember to keep the toilet lid down, and install a toilet lock to prevent your baby or toddler from lifting the lid.

How can I keep my baby out of my shelves?

Plastic latches are the most affordable option, while magnetic locks will be a bit more of an investment. You might even want to go all-out and baby proof the corners of the furniture. An easy way to do this is to use some old towels to wrap the edges. Just cut them to the size you need and tape them to the shelf.

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How do I protect my child from the heater?

6 Ways to Childproof your Heating Systems

  1. Secure your floor vents/registers. Vents and registers in the floor are a bit of a challenge for parents with young children. …
  2. Put a barrier around radiators. …
  3. Use plug covers for outlets. …
  4. Purchase covers for baseboard heaters. …
  5. Use a fireplace screen. …
  6. Prevent access to furnace.
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