What can you say about every child is special?

EVERY CHILD IS SPECIAL (BLOG) “Every child are innocent when born, they are special in many things and in different ways. They should be treated well and love them without condition. Not all children are normal some are special in their own way.

Why is every child special?

Every child has unique character strengths and abilities that allow them to express their individuality in a social environment. … It is what makes them “special.” As parents, we begin to notice differences in our children when they are quite young.

What is the message of every child is special?

The film educates the audience about dyslexia and promotes the idea that every child should be treated with love and respect despite his or her faults.

What is the point of view of every child is special?

The movie “Every Child is Special” is analyzed from the perspective of social work. … However, nobody goes deep into the life of the child since they do not know the symptoms of the disorder. On the contrary to the other people, his painting teacher Nikumbh (Aamir Khan) approaches to the child in a different way.

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What is the conclusion of every child is special?

There should be a collective awareness of individual differences. Even Ishaan ‘s father, teachers , and the community were not aware of this specific type of disorder. Society plays a vital role in the development of children.

What is the most important lesson you have learned from the movie every child is special?

We teachers must have patience, love , care, kindness, and awareness of their intellectual, physical , and emotional condition, because without it, they may feel unwanted and unworthy, leading to their failures.

What is the moral lesson of Like Stars on Earth?

Each child has their own talent, so we should try to discover their strength and weakness order to help them recognize their real ability. The young teacher in the film spent a lot of time to understand why Isshaan can’t learn well like his friend.

What are the social issues presented in the movie every child is special?

The other is the social issue; Discrimination, Ishaan’s classmates, teachers and others treated him differently just because he has difficulty in his studies and motor skills, they sometimes bully or even hurt him. They also discriminate children with disabilities by comparing their abilities with other kids.

What is the conflict of the movie every child is special?

CONFLICT. It is a reality that parents only want the best for their children. But the pressure the parents are giving is high which often dismissed reasons for failure. The film shows the culture of parents being so idealistic.

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What problems difficulties did the main character experience every child is special?

In relation to the movie, Ishan is a child who is suffering from a neurological disorder called dyslexia. He has a condition wherein he has a difficulty in recognizing letters and numbers. Since he has this condition he can’t write and read properly.

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