What is a good first phone for a child?

When should a kid get their first phone?

The average age kids get a phone is between 12 and 13. With that in mind, parents are the best judge of whether their children are ready for a cell phone, and the lessons they teach about that readiness can begin at a young age.

What is the best phone for an 11 year old?

LG K30. This is the best first mobile phone for 11-year-olds, especially if audio capabilities is your top priority. This mobile phone offers the best audio experience for your child, and he or she will have a fantastic time listening to music or watching videos on YouTube.

Do most 11 year olds have phones?

According to new report from Common Sense Media about teens’ and tweens’ media use, more than half of 11-year-olds now have a smartphone. If that seems like a lot of sixth graders with iPhones, consider that one-fifth of eight-year-olds—that is, third graders—now have smartphones too, up from one-tenth in 2015.

Is iPhone 11 worth it in 2021?

When compared against the latest iPhone 12, the iPhone 11 isn’t missing all too much, only an OLED display panel, flatter edges, and a more powerful processor. … If you can live without these things then yes, the iPhone 11 is definitely worth buying in 2021 and will provide you with a great experience for years to come.

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