Why do I not like talking to my parents?

It could be because of the age old culprit- The generation gap. Many youngsters feel they have nothing in common with their parents. They feel their parents views are outdated. Parents are dogmatic and will not understand their point of view.

Is it normal to not want to talk to your parents?

Sometimes you feel like you just can’t talk to your parents. It’s OK! You are normal. During the teen years, the connections and interactions with parents often become strained.

Is it normal to not like your parents?

It’s completely normal, and expected really, to despise your parents when they’ve abused or abandoned you. Or even if they’ve never laid a hand on you but held you to unrealistic expectations or forced you to live a life you don’t desire.

Is it bad to not want to talk to your mom?

No. Its not bad. You just need to make sure that your parents understand that there is nothing bothering you. You are just tired and there is no reason for them to worry.

What to do when you don’t want to talk to your parents?

If you can’t talk to your parent, seek out other adults you can trust. Find a relative, a teacher, or a counselor who will listen, understand, encourage, believe in you, and care.

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Is it illegal for parents to force you to do something?

No, of course it’s not illegal to force your child to do something they don’t want to do, unless of course you ask your child to commit a crime, but that would be ridiculous.

Is it OK to cut off a toxic parent?

The result of toxic parents

“However, it’s totally healthy and appropriate for individuals to set boundaries with family members.” Sometimes, limiting or eliminating contact with a parent is much less damaging than having them in your life.

Is it OK not to like your mother?

It is totally okay/normal/healthy to dislike your mom. Being a mom– like every other job in the world– is something some people are naturally gifted at, something that others can learn to do well, something that some have to struggle at and may never really get right despite their best efforts…

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