Why does my child blink so much?

Excessive blinking can be caused by problems with the eyelids or anterior segment (front surface of the eye), habitual tics, refractive error (need for glasses), intermittent exotropia or turning out of the eye, and stress. It is very rare for excessive blinking to be a sign of an undiagnosed neurologic disorder.

How do I stop excessive blinking in my child?

The treatment for excessive blinking depends on what is causing the issue. Eye drops or ointment is used to treat certain conditions. Glasses may be prescribed if the excessive blinking is caused by blurry vision. If a strabismus (misalignment of the eyes) is diagnosed, glasses, patching or even surgery may be needed.

What does rapid eye blinking mean?

Most commonly, increased eye blinking results from eye irritation caused by bright light, dust, smoke, or a foreign body in the eye. Allergies, infections, and dry eye may also increase the rate of blinking. Conditions of stress, anxiety or fatigue may lead to increased blinking.

How do I stop excessive blinking habits?

Here are some ways to prevent excessive blinking:

  1. Avoid being around anything that irritates your eyes, such as smoke and allergens.
  2. Keep your eyes moist with lubricating eye drops.
  3. See your doctor whenever you suspect your eye is inflamed or infected.
  4. Avoid spending a prolonged time in bright light, including sunlight.
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Starting at around 2 months of age, a child will start to take greater interest in the look of things around them. By this stage of development, the brain and eyes have advanced to the point that your little one can see things that are further away and perceive greater detail than ever before.

What is excessive blinking called?

Blepharospasm is a disease condition causing rapid and involuntary blinking. In this condition, abnormal nervous stimulation is the root cause. This results in spasmodic contraction of the ocular muscles without any obvious cause. Blepharospasm is classified as one type of abnormal muscle tone, or dystonia.

Is eye blinking involuntary?

You can’t control it. This is called involuntary blinking or twitching. The twitching is caused by a muscle spasm around your eye. Blepharospasm is just one of several reasons your eyes might twitch.

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