You asked: Are Pottery Barn cribs good?

We found that the Pottery Barn crib felt equally solid and sturdy to our top pick, the DaVinci Kalani, but that it was obviously more solid and sturdy, as well as larger in profile, than either the DaVinci Jenny Lind or IKEA Sundvik.

Are Pottery Barn cribs made in China?

I love Pottery Barn, and was thrilled when they started selling Greenguard-certified furniture. However, they are still manufactured in Asia and only some of their cribs are made with solid wood, and others contain MDF and/or pegboard.

Does Pottery Barn sell cribs in store?

See It in Stores

We keep some of our best-selling cribs, desks, play tables and more in store so you can get it today.

Can my daughters crib hold me?

Because most cribs can only hold up to 50 pounds, it’s not wise for a grown adult to get into a crib. Cribs are designed to hold babies, so the weight of a grown adult cannot be supported. It might be able to hold you, but that doesn’t mean you should get in the crib.

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